5 Best International Surveys apps that pay via PayPal

Is swagbucks legit or scam?

Last I wrote a post on internationally available surveys where you can earn $3000 per month, and the majority of my readers were left pondering how they can achieve that from their own home countries.

For this post, I will take you through the five best apps that are country-specific and where you will earn real cash and get to withdraw it from the reach of your PayPal account. Everybody can earn through this app from the approved country; thus, don’t hesitate to join where applicable.

5 Best International Surveys apps that pay via PayPal


Lucktastic is a recently discovered free mobile app which is available and compatible with android and iPhones. Individuals can win money and gift cards through this app by simply playing digital scratch-off cards and registering for contests.

Lucktastic was launched in 2014 by Tony Vartanian, who is the main co-founder of this app. Lucktastic software is based in New York and is one of the best scratch apps to win real cash.  

However, don’t play Lucktastic if you are not based in the US. This app is purely dedicated to US citizens alone. Lucktastic offers charity sweepstakes and scratch cards where players can win up to $1 million.  

Is Lucktastic legit or a scum?

Lucktastic app is purely legit to join and play the scratch cards or its sweepstakes contests. Up to now, Lucktastic has rewarded over $4 million collectively to its successive winners.

Best International Surveys apps

In its history, Lucktastic rewarded a guy from Las Vegas who had won $1 million through the Lucktastic sweepstakes in 2017. This company offers free downloads for the Lucktastic apps.

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How to earn through the Lucktastic app

To start playing with Lucktastic, you need first to download the Lucktastic app from your play store and then share your location. Having gone through the registration process, you can start your luck with the following Lucktastic earning methods.


Lucktastic provides sweepstakes where the player stands an opportunity to win cash prizes going up to $1 million upon a successive attempt. To access the entry tickets,  the player will subscribe through paid tokens.

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Scratch cards

Have you ever come across scratch-off tickets offering chances to win thousands and millions of dollars, perhaps on the billboards or gas stations?

Lucktastic offers scratch cards where players scratch, pick numbers, and the lucky winning numbers, unfortunately, win prizes and cash. The symbol revealed on your card after scratching dictates what prize you have landed on.

Other Lucktastic earning methods for its players include daily rewards, referral compensation programs, a Lucktastic VIP plan, and the learner’s ambassador programs.


Things that you need to know about Swagbucks

Swagbuck is a property of Prodege company limited and was established in the year 2008 in California. It was started as a loyalty and reward program in America by the Prodege LLC. Up to date, this company has maintained an excellent rating of 8.5 with the Trustpilot survey, which is a contribution of over 15000 different users.

 Additionally, Swagbucks has paid over $450 million to its active members and over 7000 gift cards, which have been redeemed daily since its establishment.  

The primary methods of earnings with Swagbucks include paid online surveys, coupons, and gift cards, among others. The good news with Swagbucks is that its membership is free of charge, and you will be entitled to a $5 bonus upon joining

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How does Swagbucks operate?

Swagbucks is an online portal that rewards its clients with Swagbucks points which are redeemable for cash prizes and gift cards, and you can receive them through PayPal and Amazon gifts.

The Swagbucks points are abbreviated as ‘SBs.’ Individuals are rewarded with ‘SBs’ after completing simple tasks such as completing paid surveys, referring Swagbucks to friends, watching videos for up to five minutes, shopping online, playing games as well, as searching from the web.

Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scum?

Swagbucks is a legit platform, and you can freely join and start earning immediately.


Offernation is another website where you can earn simply by just completing simple surveys. This platform is 100% legit with a good performance rating with trusts pilots. You can watch the You Tube video below to catch up more on how Offernation surveys works.

To join Offernation Click HereOpens in a new tab.

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This is one of the best international surveys apps where you can earn and get paid via PayPal. This website is readily available form a multiple of nations around the world. There is minimal restrictions on withdrawals and the minimum amount that you can withdraw from your superpay.me account to your PayPal wallet is $1 also. This website is a sister to Offernation as the two are a property of 99 ventures based on UK. The main thing here is that with numerous survey accounts, you will have unlimited earning opportunities and by so doing you can earn as little as $300 after every two weeks through them. Thus, i would advice you to join as many survey accounts as possible provided you have ample time to attend to the offered surveys.

Click Here to read more on Superpay.me

Survey Junkie Panel.

This is another best International surveys apps where you can diversify your income from. Survey Junkie is somewhat selective as it is not available from many countries worldwide. The main countries of operation from where you can comfortably signup and earn with Survey Junkie include United Kingdom, USA and Australia. If you are smart enough in doing surveys, you can earn up to 20$ per hour by just completing surveys in Survey Junkie Panel. To get more information about Survey Junkie, watch the You Tube Video Below.

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