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How to get Amazon Proofreading Jobs Online-2021 Guide

Amazon Proofreading Jobs

Where can I get amazon proofreading jobs online? What kind of proofreading jobs are there in Amazon? Is experience a must for Amazon kindle proofreaders. These and other questions will be extensively covered in this article.

Do you agree that Proofreading machines and apps will never out-fashion human beings? Yeah, that’s is right!

Proofreading software’s such as Grammarly will always be used to do soft editing and proofreading job but when it comes to stern contents such as eBooks or search engine optimization, a human proofreader will always have an upper hand in making the piece of writing to be search intent.

Consecutively, best sellers in amazon always mind on the product description details and this makes them to heavily invest in good proofreaders. As a result, amazon proofreaders plays a key role in the success of Amazon sellers.

If you are aware of where to get handsomely paying amazon proofreading jobs, you can secure plenty of them and make up to $4000 in a month.

Is experience a must for Amazon kindle proofreaders?

Experience is not a must for you to get started in as an amazon proofreader. However, you will need to have basic spelling and grammar skills and you can take off from here and grow your experience portfolio as an amazon proofreader.

Moreover, you will need to understand that besides pinpointing errors from the text materials or product description details, you will need to offer recommendations in a manner that the company editor may easily comprehend the desired changes.

Where do I get Amazon Proofreading Jobs Online

There are various platforms on board where you can get Amazon proofreading jobs and get your career on board. Examples of these platforms are Upwork and FiverrOpens in a new tab..

However take note that landing proofreading jobs as a newbie in this platforms is no a joke and you may opt to create a website and an appealing landing page where you can advertise your skills to get direct customers.

Let’s take a close look at various platforms which always avail proofreading jobs and with good rewards.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a legit American Freelancers marketplace with over 8million clients and over 20 million remote workers worldwide.

Upwork is a platform of professionals and here you will get plenty of jobs provided you have a striking profile showing your skills and experiences.

For Urgent Essays Assignments click here Opens in a new tab.

Upwork allows you to get jobs of up to $5000 but you will be subjected to a 20% company fee and there is no limitation to the number of customers you can get in a day.

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Also, Upwork has relaxed conditions as it offers free sign-ups for the aspiring professionals.

Upwork is the best platform featuring multiple work from home jobs such as Web Development, Proofreading jobs, Freelancing writing an Translation jobs, Transcribing jobs, Virtual assistance among others.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another best ranking platform where you can easily get proofreading jobs.

This marketplace features other freelancing jobs such as web development, writing and translation jobs, editing and proofreading jobs, digital marketing, business among others.

The only thing that you need to do is to create a high compelling profile after opening your account for free and stay online so that any client in need of any of the above services can feature and contact you to get an order. 

I highly recommend Fiverr as it is one of the best platform for Amazon proofreading beginners.

 As you land more lucrative jobs, you can opt to upgrade your account to Fiverr Pro to increase your prowess.

  • Flexjobs

This is another platform that I highly recommend if you are looking for remote jobs online to work from home.

This website avails dozens of various flexible jobs similar to what is offered by Upwork and Fiverr and you can land company proofreading jobs with better pay.

Flexjobs system is junk free and ads free therefore you are guaranteed to get high quality jobs in your searches.

The only drawbacks of using Flexjobs platform is that you will only get one week free trial after which you subscribe for premium plans to become privileged to get unlimited proofreading jobs that are available at any moment.

Join SurveyTime Here to earn through surveysOpens in a new tab.

  • Start  your own service website or blog

You can opt to start a personal website where you can showcase and advertise your proofreading skills and services to the global market.

To increase more market conversions, you will need to create a landing page where clients seeking proofreading services may contact you directly.

Another thing that you need to consider when setting a website to market your proofreading services is including your contact information, client testimonials, your picture as well as a list of specific services that you offer.

  • Reach your clients directly

Did you know that you can use your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter to advertise your proofreading services? Yeah, true!

You can join various Facebook groups and advertise your skills and get new clients in return.

 Also, you can reach potential clients on Twitter through various hash tags to narrow down Amazing proofreading jobs. 

What kind of proofreading jobs are available  in Amazon

There are plenty of proofreading jobs and opportunities available in Amazon as listed below;

  • Product description Proofreading jobs

This job entails proofreading sellers product listing descriptions to help increase positive attitude among buyers thereby leading to more sales.

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It is obvious that buyers will fail to  trust any seller who has a poor copy of product description listing.

As a result, your role as an Amazon product listing proofreader will be to correct the errors and improve the product description listing to attract more sales.

Here you will need to showcase your skills when reviewing the product descriptions to ensure consistency and accuracy in relisting the product descriptions.

  • Amazon Kindle Proofreading Jobs

Several eBook writers around the world rely on Amazon to publish their work and sales their content to buyers. As a result, these writers search for Amazon Kindle proofreaders to help improve their content to have a striking demand upon publishing.

This presents you a great opportunity to read these eBooks, pinpoint errors and make recommendations on areas of improvement through editing to make the pieces improve their demand in the market.

To get started in Amazon Kindle Proofreading jobs, you will need to install the Kindle app. This app helps you to make quick texts edit and to easily pick up errors.

Kindle app Is also the platform through which you will apply for Amazon proofreading jobs  after they are being posted by their respective clients.

  • Amazon affiliate blogs proofreading jobs

Amazon affiliate blogs proofreading jobs come in plenty to help Amazon associates who are under Amazon Associate program improve their blog content so that it can help in attracting more sales.

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It involves correcting errors of the post and making it more engaging to adequately convince customers to buy products through their affiliate links and in return earn commissions.


In conclusion, there are a wide range of opportunities for proofreading jobs awaiting for you.

However, It might not be easy to get amazon proofreading jobs due to the stiff market competition but it is rewarding to strive to assert your presence in the Amazon marketplace.

Yitong Platform Honest Review (2021)-how it works


Yitong Platform is a new high yield investment and financial management platform based on a Blockchain technology.  where you can mine and earn crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Lite Coin among others. In this Yitong review, we are going to give more explanations on questions such as

What is Yitong Platform?

Is Yitong platform Kenya legit?

How do I join to earn with Yitong?

How to mine in Yitong Platform?

Is Yitong an online job that pays through Mpesa?

 These and many others are sample questions that we will answer and elaborated further in this Yitong review. Stay tuned to each and every detail of this review to the end!


Please take note that I am not a member or a promoter of Yitong Platform. This review is basically inclined on research and information that are available in the public domain.

 Any conclusions and recommendations are just opinions and they may not be applicable to all individuals/ situations.

What is Yitong Platform

Yitong platform is a new investment and financial management site based on a Blockchain technology.

This platform has a brand new pedigree and a differentiated new financial management concept and model compared to other platform which had existed before such as PB Power.

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The benefits of this platform solely lie on interests generation for customers. Its block chain technology allow its members money to generate value even without engaging with platform through online mining operations.

How to Join Yitong Kenya

The registration process of Yitong Platform is somehow simplified.

The procedure of getting yourself registered with the platform entails entering your phone number, password and the referral code then get your code first.

You can copy this referral Code here ZPXjJ5

After inserting the received code in your phone, press register to complete the registration process and you get an invitation bonus of Kshs 50 instantly.

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How Yitong Kenya Works

Take note that the minimum withdrawable amount in Yitong is Kshs 100 as a result, you will need to top your account in addition to your welcome bonus of 50 Kshs for you to earn something appreciable.

Yitong offers three classified recharge levels where you will need to recharge a range of amount in any given recharge level so that you can earn with the set interest rates.

Also note that for each recharge level, there are set number of days in which your deposited amount will earn interests. Selecting the desired days within the available range affects the rate of interests that your principal amount will be subjected to.

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More details is unleashed in the discussion below.


This is the lowest recharge level offered by Yitong Platform. In V1 recharge level, you can deposit amounts in the range between Kshs 50 to Kshs 8000.

The rate of interests for your deposited sum is offered at a range between 1% to 2.5%. This will be determined by the Yitong systems therefore it may vary a lot.

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Maturation days for this recharge level ranges from 1 to 3 days. So you can choose to base your principal amount for a two days plan, 3 days investment plan in that order based on your preferences.

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This is the second recharge level available in Yitong platform. The recharge deposits at this level ranges between Kshs 8000 to Kshs 100000.  

The corresponding interests rates are in the range between 1% to 5% which will be determined by the Yitong system according to your deposited amount and the number of investment days selected.

The maturation days differs from that offered in V1  and for this case, the maturation days ranges between 1 to 12 days and you are free to select any.


This is the last recharge level offered by Yitong Platform Kenya. Here you are allowed to deposit amount between Kshs 100000 to Kshs 10000000. This is a big risks though and I don’t think anyone in their right mind can do this but right, I am not sure!

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The interests rates offered in recharge level 3 ranges between 1% to 7% and the number of investment days are between 1 to 30 days.

Yitong investment plants summary is as follows;

V1 Amount (Kshs) 50 to 8KDays   1 to 3Interest Rates   1% to 2.5%
V2 Amount (Kshs) 8K to 100KDays   1 to 12Interest Rates   1% to 5%
V3 Amount (Kshs) 100K to 10000KDays   1 to 30Interest Rates   1% to 7%

Yitong Referral Program

Yitong Kenya avails a referral program in which you earn by inviting nem members to join the platform. In your level one, you will earn Kshs 28 after inviting one member.

The good thing is that there is no activation fee required to activate your account. After your level one invite successfully register in the platform, you instantly get your referral commission of Kshs 28.

More juicy news is that the individual after registering their account is given an invite bonus of Kshs 50. This is however not withdrawable and you will require to deposit some money,  and trade so that you can reach the minimum withdrawable amount which is Kshs 100.

Is Yitong an online job that pays through Mpesa?

Yes you can deposit your money in your preferred recharge levels and earn interests which are withdrawable via Mpesa account. The only issue is that Yitong is unlike other HYIP as it offers low interest rates compared to its predecessors such as PB Power.

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How to mine in Yitong Platform

Yitong is different from other platforms such as PataQash, Pesawell, Ace Investment or Kram Investments as it offers a trading feature for its members.

 Upon signing in in to your Yitong account, the first thing that you will note on your landing page is trading indices.

You will notice Yitong quotes on opening coin trading prices, trading pairs  and the profit/loss performance for every trading pair crypto.

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To start mining, you will only need to deposit any amount in your desired recharge level, either V1, V2 or V3 and then select match day. For instance, in V1 you can select either 1 day or 2 days etc.

Following is selecting whether you want to do manual matching or automatic matching and off you get in your mining process. You will randomly get income that your order can get from 1% to 2.5% in your V1. The same case applies to V2 and V3 respectively based on prior described conditions.

Is Yitong platform Kenya legit?

There are several factors which makes us believe that Yitong Kenya is a scam. One is because the owner of the site is yet to be known. This is one of the strategy that great scammers have been using when they have conning intents.

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Secondly, Yitong platform is based in a country where scamming has been the norm of the day. There have been great scamming incidences in Kenya making us having doubts on the legitimacy of the site.

Thirdly, the platform follows the get paid to business model (GPT) which has been applied by other scam sites such as Vivacious Invest, Crowd 1 etc.

Fourth, Yitong Kenya is not regulated by any financial institution in Kenya like Capital Market Authority of Kenya allowing Kenyans to make high deposits of up to 10 million Kshs. This makes us believe it is a new scam as well. 

However, you will need to conduct more research before you sign up you details in the platform least you blame anyone in case of any unthinkable things happen. 

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Motcash Technologies Honest Review 2021- Is it Legit or Scam?


Motcash is a new online business platform owned by JSoftmedia.  In this article, we will answer questions such as what is Mot  Cash Technologies?

How does Mot Cash technologies work in Kenya?

Is it an online job that pay through Mpesa?

Is it Legit or Scam? These among other questions will be explained in detail.


Kindly note that this review is based on research data from the available public domain sources. Any conclusion/ recommendation is just an opinion and may not be applicable to all situations or persons.

What is Mot Cash Technologies

Mot Cash is an online business opportunity by JSoftmedia technologies. This platform avails a lot of earning methods with referral being the primary earning method.

Earn $300 monthly through SurveytimeOpens in a new tab.

How does Motcash Technologies Work?

Mot Cash works through a networking framework. This model is a one of GPT model where you need to join under some one and activate your account with Kshs 100 for your up line to earn.

Below are some of the Mot Cash features which helps to explain better how the platform work  .

Affiliate Referrals

You will earn through Motcash Affiliate referrals by bringing in new investors through the affiliate program here.

Mot cash affiliate is different from other normal affiliate programs such as Jumia affiliate, and Survetime affiliates since there are no products to promote.

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 As a result to earn with Motcash referral program you have to activate your account with Kshs 100. The referral bonus program is structured in to three stages where you will earn different amount of money in each level.

Level One          

To earn the direct commission of Kshs 50 in your level one in this platform, you will have to refer another investor who will have to join and pay the activation fee of Kshs 100.

This is your level one affiliate downline. Let’s call him/her client A.

Level Two     

For you to earn the indirect commission of Kshs 20 within your level two, client A has to refer client B, who will join and activate their account by paying the activation fee of Kshs of 100.

You will earn as much as you can through the affiliate referrals, provided you secure an adequate quorum to be your level two downlines.

Additionally, this platform will offer a bonus of up to Kshs 2000 to individual investors depending on their success in earning through the affiliate program.

Grab free $100 by joining fiverr hereOpens in a new tab.


Motcash Technologies will provide two types of casino spins for the spin and win the challenge. These will be the free spins for the new clients and stake to spin types. Let’s look at the analysis of the two.

Free Spins

This platform will provide free spins twice a week, I.e. on Wednesdays and Fridays

Free spins will only be available after joining and activating one’s account. The maximum winnings that you can get with free spins are up to Kshs1000.

Casino spins

 Motcash Technologies provide stake spins to all active members. Through this spin category, you will have an opportunity to stake a minimum stake of Kshs 20 and win up to *10 your stake amount.

These types of spins are a win-lose game, and there is no guarantee that by staking any amount you stake, you will have to win. This will depend on how lucky you are. Unfortunately, the majority of us are unlucky!

Trivia Questions

Motcash Technologies will provide easy questions that will be made available for free to all active members on a Fridays. Answering the one quiz you will get Kshs 5.

Classified Advertising Clicks

Motcash Technologies will help you earn by simply advertising your products such as electronics, clothes, and jewelry. The accumulated earnings from this section will be directly proportional to the number of clicks that your advert post will get.


How to withdraw from Motcash Technologies?

Motcash Technologies liaise with Mpesa to enable its active users to withdraw their money from their accounts.

How to join Motcash Technologies?

To join Motcash Technologies, you will need to first sign up by filling in your details, such as your username and mobile contacts, into their website.

This process is free, but you will have to deposit an activation fee of Kshs 100, which is non-refundable whether you earn or not.

What is the minimum cash for withdrawal? Answer: The minimum cash that you will withdraw from your account with Mot Cash technologies is Kshs 250.

Is Mot cash Technologies legit or a scam?

Motcash is not legit. This platforms follows the GPT business model which has been long applied by its scammer predecessors such as Vivacious invest, goldearn ventures and the recent  PB Power which has scammed youths millions of money

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PataQash Kenya Authentic Review (2020)-Legit or Scam?


PataQash is a new online GPT platform which was launched on16th October 2021. Due to alarming scamming incidences, I have decided to compile a comprehensive review concerning PataQash to act as a guide to all individual aspiring to have active membership with the platform.

This post will unleash information on the real owners of PataQash, how to join and earn with Pata Qash, mode of payment and whether PataQash is legit or a scam. We will also get all your FAQs covered within this post. Stay tuned to each and every detail of this review to the end!


How do I join PataQash                   

There is no complexion in joining Pata Qash. All you need is your phone number, username and referral code if you have one.

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This website will serve members from three countries namely; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. As usual joining Pata Qash is free but this means that your membership is inactive.

To activate your membership with the platform, you will have to pay Kshs 450 if you live in Kenya.

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Similarly if you hail from Tanzania and Uganda, you will have to pay a non-refundable membership fee equivalent to Tshs 9500 and 15000 Ush respectively.

Click here to Join PataQash

How to earn in PataQash

  • Referrals

To all individuals aspiring to have membership in Pata Qash, my advice to you is that don’t be in a rush  to join PataQash if you are not good at networking.

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This means you may fail to earn  anything if you will not be in a capacity to work with Pat Qash referrals plan. As it goes, referrals remains the sole primary way of earning in all GPT businesses where you will earn something withdrawable only when you invite others to join.

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However, you must note that you will only earn referral commissions from active members that  you have referred.

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In your level one, you will earn Kshs 250, Kshs 100 in your level two and Kshs 50 in your level three respectively. Note that your earnings will largely depend on how many referrals that you secure in your level one, two or three.

  • Spins

Pata Qash will avail a wheel in which you can spin and win real cash. There are free spins for all new members where you will be given a chance to spin the wheel twice.

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With  free spins,  you can win from a minimum of Kshs 20 to a maximum of KSH 1000 per spin.

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After exhausting your free spins, you will have to stake at least KSH 25, where you can spin and win up to 10 times your stake amount.

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Remember that spinning and winning is a win-lose game. Actually it is gambling and as a fact, you may drain you deposited money through this games.

Winning through spins is a matter of luck and if your believe yourself to be lucky, you can try it through PataQash Casino spins

  • Blogs

Like many other online business platforms, PataQash avails an opportunity for bloggers and article writers to earn by simply writing articles to promote the platform.

Through this provision, you can earn Kshs 50 by writing articles for this Pata Qash.

Click here to get help for your Academic Assignments Opens in a new tab.

It is important to note that you will only earn after your article gets approval by the set management board.

Additionally, the amount that you will earn may vary according to the number of views, comments, and also the quality of your articles after they get reviewed and published within 24 hours of posting.

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  • surveys

PataQash will avail surveys to all interested active members.

This platform will provide five simple questions for new users, and you will be able to earn as much as Kshs 50 after completing this survey.

However I feel the surveying earnings with PataQash being very meager and as a result, I would advice you to try other surveying websites such as Survey TimeOpens in a new tab. and OffernationOpens in a new tab. where you can get up to $300 a week

Click here to Join PataQash

  • you tube

Being an active member of PataQash, you can watch videos on YouTube from your smartphone or computer and earn.

For you to earn, you have to reach the desired time in watching videos, that is, 30 seconds. You can watch as many videos as you can and thus make the more money.

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However, it is important to note that earnings that you can get by just watching You Tube videos are minimal are just to supplement what you will earn through referrals.

Don’t join this platform only to earn through watching videos. You may never reach the minimum withdrawal

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  1. Who are the Real Owners of PataQash? Pata Qash is under ownership and management of Ceenet Technologies Limited, a small company in situated in Kenya dealing with computer hardware and software solutions.
  2. Will I be able to join PataQash from another country outside Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania? No, This platform will only available for individuals in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
  3. How do I withdraw money from my PataQash account? You will only be able to cash out your earnings through your Mpesa amount only.

PataQash Legit or a Scam?

PataQash follows the GPT business model which has been long applied by its predecessor companies such as PB Power, Vivacious invest, and  goldearn ventures.

As a result, it is not meant to serve so long thereby if you are making investment decision, invest as early as now because it may be sterile in future

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How to Earn with Survey Time-2021 Definitive Guide (All FAQs Answered)

How to Earn with Survey Time

Taking surveys from survey time can be a great way to source extra income in the evenings when watching TV or in your free time after leaving the workplace.  Take note this article is just a definitive guide on how to earn with Survey Time.

So the big question remains,  what is survey time? Is it Legit or a scam? How much can I earn in a month by completing survey time surveys? How much survey time pay per survey? How do I get more surveys on survey time? Can I use survey time in the USA, Philippines, etc.? How do I qualify for more surveys?  I will get all this and many other questions covered in this article on how to earn with survey time.

What is Survey Time

Survey Time is one of the popular international paid survey website that provides instant paid surveys and rewards. A mobile ad-tech company manages this platform in conjunction with various market research companies to provide multiple survey campaigns. Survey time is legit and has over 5 million members and a rating of 8.1/10 with the trust pilot.

How do I get started on Survey Time

  1. First, you have to create your Survey Time account and build your profile. Click here to Create an AccountOpens in a new tab..
  2. Next, survey time through their ad technology will match you to various surveys that you can complete with ease based on your interests
  3. Next, complete your surveys and get rewarded in the form of gifts or money rewards
  4. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, withdraw to your PayPal or redeem the gifts in exchange for cash.

Click here to join Survey Time and start taking surveys for money!Opens in a new tab.

How do you get paid for survey time

You will only get paid for survey Time if you actively participate in answering various survey questions assigned to you. On average, survey time will pay you $1 for every completed survey.

How do I get more surveys on survey time?

All you need to get more surveys on survey time is to ensure that you complete all survey questions assigned to you each moment. This will make the company trust in your commitment, and for these, you will be rewarded with more surveys as bonuses for being a reliable member. This will increase your chances of earning more. Also, remember to turn on the notification button so that you can get immediate alerts on new surveys available for you. Don’t let any chance slip off your hands.

Is PI NETWORK legit or Scam? Click here to Read Further

How do I qualify for more surveys on Survey Time?

There is no secret for you to qualify for more surveys on survey time. All that you need is to pay attention to your assigned surveys and take them seriously. This will make survey time; survey providers trust your engagement, and you will receive more surveys per day from this.   

Can I participate in completing survey Time surveys while in the Philippines, UK, or USA?

Yes. Survey Time is available internationally, and you can join Survey Time here and start making your fortune today. You can earn through Survey Time when residing From Europe, Africa, Asian content, and from whichever part of the world you are located currently. Here is the access for you.

How much survey time pay per survey?

Most of the surveys offered at Survey Time take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and you can earn $5 to $8 per hour. I appreciate how easy this platform is for newbies to take online surveys as the platform is very user-friendly.

How can I earn money from surveys instantly?

If you are searching for online surveys that pay instantly, you rightly need to check Survey Time.  This survey website will instantly pay you $1 for every survey that you complete. There is no delay in cash out, and once you complete the survey, instantly, you get rewarded.

Can you make a full-time income doing surveys?

Yes, you can make a full-time income doing surveys to earn up to $3000 per month. All that you need to do is ensure you complete each and every survey from survey time. Additionally, you definitely need to sign up for the Survey Time ambassador program, where you will earn $1 for every survey completed by all your affiliate invite.

Survey Time Ambassador program is an affiliate compensation plan where you can earn as much as you can at the comfort of your seat, provided you have thousands of affiliates completing surveys each and every day.  Also, you need to reach out to other super-paying survey sites such as Swagbucks, Offernation, Survey Junkie, Mobrog, etc.

How much do you get paid per hour for surveys?

On average, you will get paid up to $10 per hour by completing the survey on Survey Time and other survey websites such as  Swagbucks, Mobrog, and Offernation.

Does Survey Time really pay?

Yes. Survey Time really pays well if you stay skeptical so that you complete all your surveys on time. It is really worth joining. Also, through the survey ambassador program, you will definitely get your earnings amplified to almost a four to six figures amount. Thanks for Survey Time Ambassador Program.

How to Earn with Survey Time?

Survey Time will pay you $1 for every survey that you complete. Payments are made instantly.

How much can you make on Survey Time?

By completing surveys from survey time alone, you can make up to $600 a month. This is plenty of good cash to pay off your bills and save some.

How can I make money online with just answered questions?

Opens in a new tab.
You need to identify high-paying survey sites such as Survey Time, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, OffernationOpens in a new tab., among others. You need to proceed and create your account and profile for all those sites and start answering questions to get paid.

Do surveys really pay $350?

Yes. You can get paid up to $3000 if you master the skills for answering as many survey questions as possible. I would advise you get to interact with various survey sites to become more knowledgeable and acquire more experience for the same to understand more on how to earn with survey time. Get started today here.Opens in a new tab.

Finally, I trust that now you are more acquainted with the adequate information on how to earn with survey time. Click here to earn $100 through Fiverr Affiliate PlanOpens in a new tab.