How to get Amazon Proofreading Jobs Online-2021 Guide

Amazon Proofreading Jobs

Where can I get amazon proofreading jobs online? What kind of proofreading jobs are there in Amazon? Is experience a must for Amazon kindle proofreaders. These and other questions will be extensively covered in this article.

Do you agree that Proofreading machines and apps will never out-fashion human beings? Yeah, that’s is right!

Proofreading software’s such as Grammarly will always be used to do soft editing and proofreading job but when it comes to stern contents such as eBooks or search engine optimization, a human proofreader will always have an upper hand in making the piece of writing to be search intent.

Consecutively, best sellers in amazon always mind on the product description details and this makes them to heavily invest in good proofreaders. As a result, amazon proofreaders plays a key role in the success of Amazon sellers.

If you are aware of where to get handsomely paying amazon proofreading jobs, you can secure plenty of them and make up to $4000 in a month.

Is experience a must for Amazon kindle proofreaders?

Experience is not a must for you to get started in as an amazon proofreader. However, you will need to have basic spelling and grammar skills and you can take off from here and grow your experience portfolio as an amazon proofreader.

Moreover, you will need to understand that besides pinpointing errors from the text materials or product description details, you will need to offer recommendations in a manner that the company editor may easily comprehend the desired changes.

Where do I get Amazon Proofreading Jobs Online

There are various platforms on board where you can get Amazon proofreading jobs and get your career on board. Examples of these platforms are Upwork and FiverrOpens in a new tab..

However take note that landing proofreading jobs as a newbie in this platforms is no a joke and you may opt to create a website and an appealing landing page where you can advertise your skills to get direct customers.

Let’s take a close look at various platforms which always avail proofreading jobs and with good rewards.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a legit American Freelancers marketplace with over 8million clients and over 20 million remote workers worldwide.

Upwork is a platform of professionals and here you will get plenty of jobs provided you have a striking profile showing your skills and experiences.

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Upwork allows you to get jobs of up to $5000 but you will be subjected to a 20% company fee and there is no limitation to the number of customers you can get in a day.

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Also, Upwork has relaxed conditions as it offers free sign-ups for the aspiring professionals.

Upwork is the best platform featuring multiple work from home jobs such as Web Development, Proofreading jobs, Freelancing writing an Translation jobs, Transcribing jobs, Virtual assistance among others.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another best ranking platform where you can easily get proofreading jobs.

This marketplace features other freelancing jobs such as web development, writing and translation jobs, editing and proofreading jobs, digital marketing, business among others.

The only thing that you need to do is to create a high compelling profile after opening your account for free and stay online so that any client in need of any of the above services can feature and contact you to get an order. 

I highly recommend Fiverr as it is one of the best platform for Amazon proofreading beginners.

 As you land more lucrative jobs, you can opt to upgrade your account to Fiverr Pro to increase your prowess.

  • Flexjobs

This is another platform that I highly recommend if you are looking for remote jobs online to work from home.

This website avails dozens of various flexible jobs similar to what is offered by Upwork and Fiverr and you can land company proofreading jobs with better pay.

Flexjobs system is junk free and ads free therefore you are guaranteed to get high quality jobs in your searches.

The only drawbacks of using Flexjobs platform is that you will only get one week free trial after which you subscribe for premium plans to become privileged to get unlimited proofreading jobs that are available at any moment.

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  • Start  your own service website or blog

You can opt to start a personal website where you can showcase and advertise your proofreading skills and services to the global market.

To increase more market conversions, you will need to create a landing page where clients seeking proofreading services may contact you directly.

Another thing that you need to consider when setting a website to market your proofreading services is including your contact information, client testimonials, your picture as well as a list of specific services that you offer.

  • Reach your clients directly

Did you know that you can use your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter to advertise your proofreading services? Yeah, true!

You can join various Facebook groups and advertise your skills and get new clients in return.

 Also, you can reach potential clients on Twitter through various hash tags to narrow down Amazing proofreading jobs. 

What kind of proofreading jobs are available  in Amazon

There are plenty of proofreading jobs and opportunities available in Amazon as listed below;

  • Product description Proofreading jobs

This job entails proofreading sellers product listing descriptions to help increase positive attitude among buyers thereby leading to more sales.

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It is obvious that buyers will fail to  trust any seller who has a poor copy of product description listing.

As a result, your role as an Amazon product listing proofreader will be to correct the errors and improve the product description listing to attract more sales.

Here you will need to showcase your skills when reviewing the product descriptions to ensure consistency and accuracy in relisting the product descriptions.

  • Amazon Kindle Proofreading Jobs

Several eBook writers around the world rely on Amazon to publish their work and sales their content to buyers. As a result, these writers search for Amazon Kindle proofreaders to help improve their content to have a striking demand upon publishing.

This presents you a great opportunity to read these eBooks, pinpoint errors and make recommendations on areas of improvement through editing to make the pieces improve their demand in the market.

To get started in Amazon Kindle Proofreading jobs, you will need to install the Kindle app. This app helps you to make quick texts edit and to easily pick up errors.

Kindle app Is also the platform through which you will apply for Amazon proofreading jobs  after they are being posted by their respective clients.

  • Amazon affiliate blogs proofreading jobs

Amazon affiliate blogs proofreading jobs come in plenty to help Amazon associates who are under Amazon Associate program improve their blog content so that it can help in attracting more sales.

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It involves correcting errors of the post and making it more engaging to adequately convince customers to buy products through their affiliate links and in return earn commissions.


In conclusion, there are a wide range of opportunities for proofreading jobs awaiting for you.

However, It might not be easy to get amazon proofreading jobs due to the stiff market competition but it is rewarding to strive to assert your presence in the Amazon marketplace.


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