Is SmartQash Legit or Scam? (SmartQash Kenya 2022 Review)

Is SmartQash Legit or Scam?

Hello there! Welcome back to In this post, I will take you through the SmartQash review and get to learn more about how it works, how to get through the registration process, how to invest on SMARTQASH, how to make withdrawals, and finally, the pros and cons of investing with THE SMARTQASH; Okay let’s get started! 

What Is The SmartQash? 

The Smartqash is a new investment platform that was launched recently in kenya. This platform offers you an awesome affiliate compensation plan to earn from both direct and indirect referrals.  

In addition, This platform gives you an invite bonus of Kshs 100 after activating your account. Also, this platform allows you to earn by enganging in different activities such as trivia questions, creating memes, watching TikTok videos among other activities.  

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SmartQash Registration 

It is free to registerOpens in a new tab. with a Smartqash online business. All you require to get started is your ID credentials, such as your full name, mobile phone number, username, your upline and password. 

 Next is your invite referral link, which is essential to extend the affiliate compensation plan. 

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How to Invest at SmartQash Technologies 

The following procedure will guide you in making your first investment with Smartqash. 

  • First select Mpesa Deposit 
  • Go to Mpesa Menu and select Lipa na Mpesa. Use the Till Number 9218295 CNET Technologies.  
  • Deposit Kshs 450 
  • Enter your Mpsea pin and click to submit.   

How To Earn In SmartQash 

I have compiled the different earning methods available for you in the new Smartqash online platform. 

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Affiliate Compensation Program 

If you want to make good fortune for yourself at the end of this month with this platform, think of the affiliate referrals. If you are smart enough, you will accumulate a hundred thousand with the upcoming SmartQash online opportunity. 

All that you will require is to be persuasive and have good forehand strategies to secure your downlines. You will earn with the affiliate compensation program under three distinct levels, as explained below. 

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Level One. 

In your level one, you will earn Kshs 300. This means that for everyone who will directly activate their account through your affiliate invitation link, you will be entitled to a commission of Kshs 300. On the other hand, all internationally registered SmartQash active members will earn $4.8 under level one through sharing their affiliate links. 

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Level Two. 

You will earn Kshs 100 in your level two. This is equivalent to $1.6 for all internationally registered SmartQash active members. This means that all individuals who join under all your level one downlines will be paid an equivalent amount as stated above. 

Level Three. 

For all your level three downline, the SmartQash will pay you Kshs 50, equivalent to $0,8 for all active international members with SmartQash. 

Karibu Bonus

With Smartqash, you get a karibu bonus of kshs 100 after activating your account with kshs 100.  

Tiktok Videos. 

Here you will be paid for watching Tiktok paid videos and it is that simple.  

Best Agent Awards 

Here you get paid after winning the competition of who invites more downlines.  

Is SmartQash Legit or A Scam? 

Yes. Smartqash  is a big scam. This is because SmartQash follows the GPT business model which has been long applied by its predecessor companies such as PB Power, Vivacious invest, and  goldearn ventures. 

As a result, it is not meant to serve so long thereby if you are making investment decision, invest as early as now because it may be sterile in future. 

However our decision is you should not invest in collapsing ventures that will leave you stranded and with no money.  

Conclusion: Is SmartQash Legit or Scam

Yes SmartQash is a scam



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