Motcash Technologies Honest Review 2021- Is it Legit or Scam?


Motcash is a new online business platform owned by JSoftmedia.  In this article, we will answer questions such as what is Mot  Cash Technologies?

How does Mot Cash technologies work in Kenya?

Is it an online job that pay through Mpesa?

Is it Legit or Scam? These among other questions will be explained in detail.


Kindly note that this review is based on research data from the available public domain sources. Any conclusion/ recommendation is just an opinion and may not be applicable to all situations or persons.

What is Mot Cash Technologies

Mot Cash is an online business opportunity by JSoftmedia technologies. This platform avails a lot of earning methods with referral being the primary earning method.

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How does Motcash Technologies Work?

Mot Cash works through a networking framework. This model is a one of GPT model where you need to join under some one and activate your account with Kshs 100 for your up line to earn.

Below are some of the Mot Cash features which helps to explain better how the platform work  .

Affiliate Referrals

You will earn through Motcash Affiliate referrals by bringing in new investors through the affiliate program here.

Mot cash affiliate is different from other normal affiliate programs such as Jumia affiliate, and Survetime affiliates since there are no products to promote.

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 As a result to earn with Motcash referral program you have to activate your account with Kshs 100. The referral bonus program is structured in to three stages where you will earn different amount of money in each level.

Level One          

To earn the direct commission of Kshs 50 in your level one in this platform, you will have to refer another investor who will have to join and pay the activation fee of Kshs 100.

This is your level one affiliate downline. Let’s call him/her client A.

Level Two     

For you to earn the indirect commission of Kshs 20 within your level two, client A has to refer client B, who will join and activate their account by paying the activation fee of Kshs of 100.

You will earn as much as you can through the affiliate referrals, provided you secure an adequate quorum to be your level two downlines.

Additionally, this platform will offer a bonus of up to Kshs 2000 to individual investors depending on their success in earning through the affiliate program.

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Motcash Technologies will provide two types of casino spins for the spin and win the challenge. These will be the free spins for the new clients and stake to spin types. Let’s look at the analysis of the two.

Free Spins

This platform will provide free spins twice a week, I.e. on Wednesdays and Fridays

Free spins will only be available after joining and activating one’s account. The maximum winnings that you can get with free spins are up to Kshs1000.

Casino spins

 Motcash Technologies provide stake spins to all active members. Through this spin category, you will have an opportunity to stake a minimum stake of Kshs 20 and win up to *10 your stake amount.

These types of spins are a win-lose game, and there is no guarantee that by staking any amount you stake, you will have to win. This will depend on how lucky you are. Unfortunately, the majority of us are unlucky!

Trivia Questions

Motcash Technologies will provide easy questions that will be made available for free to all active members on a Fridays. Answering the one quiz you will get Kshs 5.

Classified Advertising Clicks

Motcash Technologies will help you earn by simply advertising your products such as electronics, clothes, and jewelry. The accumulated earnings from this section will be directly proportional to the number of clicks that your advert post will get.


How to withdraw from Motcash Technologies?

Motcash Technologies liaise with Mpesa to enable its active users to withdraw their money from their accounts.

How to join Motcash Technologies?

To join Motcash Technologies, you will need to first sign up by filling in your details, such as your username and mobile contacts, into their website.

This process is free, but you will have to deposit an activation fee of Kshs 100, which is non-refundable whether you earn or not.

What is the minimum cash for withdrawal? Answer: The minimum cash that you will withdraw from your account with Mot Cash technologies is Kshs 250.

Is Mot cash Technologies legit or a scam?

Motcash is not legit. This platforms follows the GPT business model which has been long applied by its scammer predecessors such as Vivacious invest, goldearn ventures and the recent  PB Power which has scammed youths millions of money

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