PataQash Kenya Authentic Review (2020)-Legit or Scam?


PataQash is a new online GPT platform which was launched on16th October 2021. Due to alarming scamming incidences, I have decided to compile a comprehensive review concerning PataQash to act as a guide to all individual aspiring to have active membership with the platform.

This post will unleash information on the real owners of PataQash, how to join and earn with Pata Qash, mode of payment and whether PataQash is legit or a scam. We will also get all your FAQs covered within this post. Stay tuned to each and every detail of this review to the end!


How do I join PataQash                   

There is no complexion in joining Pata Qash. All you need is your phone number, username and referral code if you have one.

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This website will serve members from three countries namely; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. As usual joining Pata Qash is free but this means that your membership is inactive.

To activate your membership with the platform, you will have to pay Kshs 450 if you live in Kenya.

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Similarly if you hail from Tanzania and Uganda, you will have to pay a non-refundable membership fee equivalent to Tshs 9500 and 15000 Ush respectively.

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How to earn in PataQash

  • Referrals

To all individuals aspiring to have membership in Pata Qash, my advice to you is that don’t be in a rush  to join PataQash if you are not good at networking.

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This means you may fail to earn  anything if you will not be in a capacity to work with Pat Qash referrals plan. As it goes, referrals remains the sole primary way of earning in all GPT businesses where you will earn something withdrawable only when you invite others to join.

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However, you must note that you will only earn referral commissions from active members that  you have referred.

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In your level one, you will earn Kshs 250, Kshs 100 in your level two and Kshs 50 in your level three respectively. Note that your earnings will largely depend on how many referrals that you secure in your level one, two or three.

  • Spins

Pata Qash will avail a wheel in which you can spin and win real cash. There are free spins for all new members where you will be given a chance to spin the wheel twice.

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With  free spins,  you can win from a minimum of Kshs 20 to a maximum of KSH 1000 per spin.

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After exhausting your free spins, you will have to stake at least KSH 25, where you can spin and win up to 10 times your stake amount.

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Remember that spinning and winning is a win-lose game. Actually it is gambling and as a fact, you may drain you deposited money through this games.

Winning through spins is a matter of luck and if your believe yourself to be lucky, you can try it through PataQash Casino spins

  • Blogs

Like many other online business platforms, PataQash avails an opportunity for bloggers and article writers to earn by simply writing articles to promote the platform.

Through this provision, you can earn Kshs 50 by writing articles for this Pata Qash.

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It is important to note that you will only earn after your article gets approval by the set management board.

Additionally, the amount that you will earn may vary according to the number of views, comments, and also the quality of your articles after they get reviewed and published within 24 hours of posting.

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  • surveys

PataQash will avail surveys to all interested active members.

This platform will provide five simple questions for new users, and you will be able to earn as much as Kshs 50 after completing this survey.

However I feel the surveying earnings with PataQash being very meager and as a result, I would advice you to try other surveying websites such as Survey TimeOpens in a new tab. and OffernationOpens in a new tab. where you can get up to $300 a week

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  • you tube

Being an active member of PataQash, you can watch videos on YouTube from your smartphone or computer and earn.

For you to earn, you have to reach the desired time in watching videos, that is, 30 seconds. You can watch as many videos as you can and thus make the more money.

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However, it is important to note that earnings that you can get by just watching You Tube videos are minimal are just to supplement what you will earn through referrals.

Don’t join this platform only to earn through watching videos. You may never reach the minimum withdrawal

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  1. Who are the Real Owners of PataQash? Pata Qash is under ownership and management of Ceenet Technologies Limited, a small company in situated in Kenya dealing with computer hardware and software solutions.
  2. Will I be able to join PataQash from another country outside Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania? No, This platform will only available for individuals in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
  3. How do I withdraw money from my PataQash account? You will only be able to cash out your earnings through your Mpesa amount only.

PataQash Legit or a Scam?

PataQash follows the GPT business model which has been long applied by its predecessor companies such as PB Power, Vivacious invest, and  goldearn ventures.

As a result, it is not meant to serve so long thereby if you are making investment decision, invest as early as now because it may be sterile in future

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