Samsung TV With Sound But No Picture (Proven Fix)

Samsung is a pioneer brand in the electronics world owing to its excellent quality, value and reliability derived from its products such as phones and TVs.  With a market reputation for making reliable and highly performing televisions at accessible prices, it still happen for some reasons that Samsung TVs at some point malfunctions.

Many Samsung TV owners have experienced a problem where their Samsung TV sound works but there is no picture in the display screen. This could be quite annoying particularly in the evening after a busy day and its news time or your favorite show is just commencing and no pictures on TV.

Fortunately, we have prepared a tested and proven fix that could help resolve over 80% cases where you have your Samsung TV playing sound but with a black screen at the same time. To understand what might be the problem and what to do in this case, read this article to the end!

Samsung TV with Sound But with a Black Screen

If you’re experiencing a problem where your Samsung TV has sound but no picture, You should try to reset it first. To reset your Samsung TV, follow the below procedure:

Unplug your Samsung TV and leave it for at least two minutes. In the meantime, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds while the tv is still in the unplugged state.

After 2 minutes have elapsed, plug in your TV. Press the TV power button on the  TV control panel to power on your Samsung TV. Kindly take note to use your remote control in this case!

On your tv control panel, press any key (e.g. Vol+/ Vol- or Menu). Note to do this once your TV is powered on! Anything displaying on the screen? If your Samsung tv screen displays, move on to the next step.

If your tv screen did not display anything, it is an indication that, a check-up service is required to check what might be the problem.

Next, check if all external devices are properly connected. If all the externally connected devices exhibits similar problem, consulting a Samsung TV technician would be a viable solution.

Which Device are connected to your Samsung TV and how are they connected? Identify the device with the problem and follow the guide below which is based on each device and their respective connection types. The following devices are detailed:

  • A/V Composite
  • HDMI PC or Laptop
  • Component
  • HDMI Cable / Satellite Box,

HDMI Cable / Satellite Box:

  1. Make sure the your Samsung TV is plugged on the proper input. If you are not certain which is which, make sure to press the Smart button and plug in to different HDMI inputs until you rock with the right one.
  2. Ensure that the HDMI connection is secure. To confirm this, unplug the HDMI cables from your Samsung TV for about 1 minute. Plug back the device and alternate the TV to the new input. Check is the issue is resolved.
  3. Take note that the resolution of the satellite box/ cable may not be working. To reset it to 480p or even higher, press the resolution button on the satellite box.

However, if resolution button is not available in the satellite box/ cable, press the info button the Samsung TV remote.

  1. If the above solution did not work, your TV require a service.

Laptop/ HDMI PC

  1. Make sure that your Samsung TV is plugged in to the right HDMI input ports. If you are not certain on which HDMI inputs you should plug in, press the Smart Button of your TV and select the Input Icon Input. Cycle the plugs through HDMI inputs till you locate the correct one.
  2. Make sure that your PC is set to a resolution output compatible to your TV Preferably (1920 x 1080) for highest quality pictures.

If no display pops on your TV screen, swap the HDMI cable and plug in to appropriate input.


  1. Ensure that your Samsung TV is plugged correctly in the component input.
  2. Ensure that the Blue, Green & Red cables are correctly routed and securely inserted on the component and the tv.
  3. You can also try to unplug the component for about 1 minute, plug back and then restore power. If no pictures are displayed on your tv, further service is needed. You can also try to use an alternate component cable and see the results.

A/V Composite

  1. Ensure that your Samsung TV is on the AV input.
  2. Ensure that the yellow cable is firmly and correctly inserted on both devices.
  3. You can also try to unplug the external and leave the devices for a minute then restore power.
  • While this is the most common fix, unplugging your Samsung TV from the outlet can solve a number of problems. Patience is a key here and you need to wait for at least 1 minute before plugging back your TV.
  • In the meantime, make sure you are holding the power button on your TV, for about one minute before releasing it.  Make sure you are not using your Samsung TV in this case!
  • By doing this, you will help drain any residual power in the capacitors of your tv allowing it to soft reset it by itself. However, this case is very different when you switch your TV on/off when using the Samsung TV remote. In the latter case, the residual power in the capacitors is never drained.
  • After plugging the TV back shortly after the one minute wait, the power of your tv should be restored back without any hurdles.

While this approach should work for about 50% of the cases, the remaining 50% can be a bit harder. If you’re still experiencing any hurdles getting your Samsung TV picture back, continue reading the article.

Ensure all HDMI connections are Secure & Properly Routed

If the power cycling technique did not work, you should  move on to the next step and check if all the HDMI  connections are securely inserted and correctly routed.

As a result, check all connections and make sure they are correctly plugged  and are firmly secured. You can try to unplug them and re-plug them back just to be certain that everything on that side is working.

The rise in popularity of HDMI streaming units, like Firestick & Roku, has led to increased reporting’s by Samsung TV owners that their television sets have sound but no picture displays on the screens. This is oftenly attributed  by bad HDMI connection.

Bad HDMI connection are due to:

  • Bad HDMI cable
  • Loose HDMI connection
  • Faulty HDMI port

If you are certain that your HDMI connection is secure, double-check to see if you’re on the right Input channel.

To double check the input channel, check on the back of your Samsung TV and you will be able to see the TV’s HDMI port. On top of the HDMI connection, there are some writing/ label showcasing the HDMI port number that should be connected.

Having noted the HDMI port number, take your Samsung TV remote and press Input (Source). You’ll likely have to toggle this  a number of times prior to securing the corresponding TV input.

If the connection has been made, and if you are on the correct input, try connecting to a different HDMI port. Majority of Samsung TVs have up to four HDMI ports! Swap the HDMI connection through different ports and see if the tv will display any picture.

If that doesn’t work, you can try replacing the HDMI cable and see if it fixes your issue.

Samsung TV Backlight Problems

If you have tried everything and nothing have proved to work, your Samsung TV’s lightbulb might be broken.

When the backlight within a TV stops working, it is virtually impossible to see any of the content. The illumination light within a TV is what helps you view see its screen when it’s dark.

Incase of an LCD TV, the CFL lights might be the issue in this case. In case your TV is LED, LED lights might be the ones having an issue.

A simple way to tell if this is true is to grab a flashlight and shine it directly on your TV screen after powering it on.

Look for an image in the TV  when flashing the light.

Has your Samsung TV backlight gone black or dim?

If the picture you see is faint, you need to replace your TV’s backlight, as it may have failed already.

Issue with your Samsung TV screen

If your backlight is working well, then you likely have a problem with  your Samsung TV screen.

  • TV Screen problems can be difficult to fix because there are so many components involved in this.
  • Most likely, the issue may be with the Cof- ic , T-con board, or Scalar PCB (Power Control Board).
  • If you’re  adventurous and handy enough, you may want to replace the components of your Samsung yourself. But it’s probably better for trained professionals to do the work for you.
  • With the advent of larger Samsung TV screens, this makes a difference on costs and whether a screen repair is more worthwhile.
  • Repairing a 32″ or smaller TV is rarely worth it because of the labor and time costs involved.
  • Today, it is more practical for people to buy a new TV instead of performing repairs. This is because TV repairs are so much expensive and there is no guarantee that the TV will resume its normal functioning as well.

Samsung TV support

  • It’s worth reaching out to Samsung support team before you purchase a new Samsung product.
  • You can also visit the Samsung’s website for in-home service guide regarding use of their TV products. Alternatively, you can reach them to perform an in-home service and repair your TV.
  • The cost of repair will depend on different factors, such as the reason of failure and whether the TV warranty is still valid in at that time.
  • One thing you won’t have to worry about is being cheated by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. If there’s ever a question or concern about your TV, Samsung technicians are  always certified to take a look for you.

Samsung TV warranty

  1. Samsung will let you know if your TV is covered under warranty. in the event of service. You can also check it by yourself online.
  2. Note that Most Samsung warranties usually last for 1 year only, and most of the Samsung TV’s that start exhibiting picture display issues are older than 4 years.

Conclusion: Samsung TV has Sound But no Picture

If your Samsung TV has sound, but no picture, don’t panic because there are several proven fixes you can try to get it back up and running. If you have tried these fixes and still have sound but no picture, you can reach for a Samsung technician. In the meantime, you can try these solutions.

  • Try the Power cycle approach for your Samsung TV
  • Ensure all HDMI connections are securely and correctly routed
  • Find out if your TV is backlight is running
  • Check if the Samsung TV screen is defective
  • Reach out for help from the Samsung TV support team
  • Check if your Samsung TV warrantyOpens in a new tab. is valid

Hope this blog post helped. See you in the next post!

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