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Hello my good people! Investments is everything that we need to worry if  we share the same definition of a happy life. To me money is of essence to my life as without money, we feel very lost and hopeless. It also become unbearable when working to achieve our goals with little or no finance. Okay let me not dwell more into this and  revert to the topic of the day.  To all online investors i urge you to go through SmartHela Agencies Review as it bears essential information which will act as a guide when investing on the newly launched platform.  SmartHela is the new hit song with all online investors. The platform was launched on Saturday, 10th April 2021.  In this article, i will help you evaluate SmartHela to better understands this platform and also determine the legitimacy of this platform prior to commiting your money in to this platform for investment. 

 what is SmartHela?

SmartHela is one of the properties of the Satoshi Agencies; the owner of platform such as earnsmart. I know you are conversant with earnsmart and therefore there is little questionability on this platform. SmartHela is not different from many of its predecessors such as Earnsmart. With regard to this, SmartHela provides free a free registration process to all interested parties. However, you will require Kshs 450 to activate your account and access all earning features of this platform. This platform is also available across East Africa in countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria. 

Earning with SmartHela Agencies

There are various ways to earn money with SmartHela Agencies once you become an active member, including major and minor ways of making good cash for your bills and also a hefty of profit. To be an active member means that one must have activated their account in SmartHela Agencies by paying the required Kshs 450 fee as discussed previously. The various earning methods include:

 Referral Compensation Plan

To all aspiring online investors let me advice you on this; don’t be in haste to join SmartHela if you are not good at networking. This means you may fail to earn  anything if you will not be in a capacity to work with SmartHela Agencies referrals plan. This is the primary way of earning in SmartHela, where you will gain when you invite others using your unique SmartHela referral invitation link. However, you must note that you will only earn from active members that  you have refer. There will also be a bonus depending on your earnings from this program.

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Level 1: Here, you will earn money through your direct referrals, that is, people who click and join using your unique SmartHela referral link but only after they have activated their accounts. You will earn KSH 250, per each person you refer at this level. The more people you refer, the more significant  amount that you will earn. For instance, when you invite Mary, you will be SmartHela Agencies will credit your account with Kshs 250 instantly after Mary Activate her account. Mary is your level one referral.

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Level 2: Whenever any person referred by any of your referral in level 1 joins and activate his or her account in SmartHela, you will earn KSH 100,  per person referred.  At this level, there is no limitation to the amount that you can earn and you can earn with your level two to exceed your expectations. Remember this is theoretical but practically it may fail if your level one  have no active followers. For instance, if Mary invites Derick, Mary will earn Kshs 250 while you earn Kshs 100. 

Level 3: You will earn KSH 50 from each person referred by your level 2 referrals who join and activate his or her account. Additionally  There is also no limitation to the amount that you will earn within this level.

By Watching YouTube Videos

Being an active SmartHela member, you can watch videos on YouTube from your smartphone or computer and earn. For you to earn, you have to reach the desired time in watching videos, that is, 30 seconds. You can watch as many videos as you can and thus make the more money. However, it is important to note that earnings that you can get by just watching You Tube videos are minimal are just to supplement what you will earn through referrals. Don’t join this platform only to earn through watching videos. You may never reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

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 Spin and Win

SmartHela Agencies avails a  wheel in which you can spin and win real cash. There are free spins for all new members where you will be given a chance to spin the wheel twice. With  free spins,  you can win from a minimum of Kshs 20 to a maximum of KSH 1000 per spin.

After exhausting your free spins, you will have to stake at least KSH 25, where you can spin and win up to 10 times your stake amount. Remember that spinning and winning is a win-lose game. Actually it is gambling and as a fact, you may drain you deposited money through this games. Winning through spins is a matter of luck and if your believe yourself to be lucky, you can try it through SmartHela Casino spins

  1. By Answering SmartHela Trivia Quizzes

You can earn as low as Kshs 10 by just answering simple SmartHela Trivia Quizzes. However, i discourage joining SmartHela Agencies with a motive to earn through Trivia Quizzes. It is very discouraging and you may never withdraw your cash through this package. The disappointing thing with SmartHela Trivia Quizzes is that they are only available on specific days. Additionally, they are timed and if you are not quick enough, you will earn nothing under this package, so concentrate i recommend that you focus your energy  on referrals alone.

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  1. Through SmartHela Blogging and Article Writing

Like many other online business platforms, SmartHela Agencies avails an opportunity for bloggers and article writers to earn by simply writing articles on SmartHela Agencies. Through this provision, you can earn Kshs 50 by writing articles for this platform. It is important to note that you will only earn after your article gets approval by the set SmartHela Agencies management board. Additionally, the amount that you will earn may vary according to the number of views, comments, and also the quality of your articles after they get reviewed and published within 24 hours of posting.

Is SmartHela Agencies Legit or Scam?

SmartHela Agencies is legit. A point of remembrance, This platform is a property of Satoshi Agencies which is still in existence up to date and therefore, its legitimacy is still out of question. However, its sustainability is questionable since the platform mainly depends on joining membership  fees for its continued maintenance of operations and for profits. With this information, i wish you a good luck in your way to invests with SmartHela Agencies. Remember to focus with Referrals to earn something appreciable. 

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