Why Is Wordans Shipping So Expensive

8 Reasons why Wordans shipping is so expensive

Wordans is a top wholesale retailer for blank textile and accessories. They are based in Canada and offers a wide variety of sexy lingerie and clothes that are sure to turn heads. Their annual business volume is now over 30 million.

Wordans has been providing high quality products and excellent service to customers all over the world since 2013. They have a wide range of products that are both stylish and affordable. These includes dresses, tops, bottoms, swimsuits, lingerie, lounge-wear, outerwear, curvy & plus size, fashion accessories, shoes & bags.

Their goal is to help every woman feel confident and beautiful. Wordans strives to provide a one-stop shopping experience for all your lingerie needs. Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or a loved one, they have got you covered.

For many ecommerce businesses, shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses. And when it comes to shipping internationally, those costs can be even higher. With Wordans shipping internationally to over 130 countries, many customers have complained about their high cost of shipping, which can sometimes be more than the cost of the item itself. In this article, we will investigate the reasons why Wordans shipping is so expensive.

Fast, Secure & Reliable Drop shipping Services

Wordans successfully delivered over 1 billion packages across the world in the year 2019. Most of these packages arrived in a satisfactory condition and on time without delays. With an existence of more than 10 years, the company has perfected its logistics management capabilities over time with help from intelligent technology that’s able to handle complex problems.

Shipping to over 20,000 worldwide zip codes, and with a quick delivery process, Wordans eliminates the need for a third-party organization to handle their customers logistics.

Wordans has well trained, highly professional workforce and guarantees customer satisfaction by making sure your packages are safe and delivered on time. Their staff also use customer service to make sure you have an excellent experience with them.

They also give you a priority to track your shipment via tracking number on the Wordans website in real-time.

As the company creates the best services in their market, customer satisfaction has increased, resulting in high shipping costs.

Third Party Sellers

Not all items on Wordans are sold by Wordans themselves. As a result, they provide an alternative for third-party sellers to list their products and sell them through the website

When surfing an e-commerce website such as Target or Walmart, you can choose multiple items to purchase and add them all at one cart, and check out with the store.

The purchased items will be packaged and shipped in one package and you will only be charged for one package shipping fee. On the contrary, Wordans has plenty of many other sellers who have listed their merchandise in this giant store.

If you consider to buy a variety of goods at Wordans, you may find yourself purchasing from different sellers which contribute to high drop shipping fees on aggregate.

The reason behind the high shipping fees in this case is because  the items bought must go through individual logistic procedures before they are packed and delivered on your door step.

In addition, not a must that each Wordans seller have its own  warehouses, as a result their products may involve getting  shipped by a third party. Note that there are multiple warehouses for products sold on the Wordans website. Therefore, by ordering items from different sellers, you may incur higher shipping costs.

Also, third-party sellers have the freedom to set and adjust shipping fees for their merchandise. Based on the products, size, weight and shipping locations, third party shipping fees can be a bit costly.

Assessing Buyers Commitment to Shopping

Wordans business strategy is to link Chinese manufacturing businesses with bulk purchasing clients. With Wordans connecting you to the original producer, it’s easier for individuals to shop for items on the platform.

Majority of sellers at Wordans  website offers free samples of their products or personalized items for their customers.

This is one of the most attractive feature of Wordans website.  However, you may you may be subjected to a high shipping costs for that sample.

Sometimes, the seller might make these offers to assess buyers level of commitment to the deal. It’s possible that the shipping fees you incur may not add much to the total value of the goods you plan to order.

As a result, your willingness to pay this fee is an indication that you are progressively intending to buy the product. Overall, you may get to realize that your were charged lower delivery fees after bulk purchasing the merchandise at Wordans compared to the shipping charges you paid for the free samples.

Shipping Incoterms

In the field of international trade, incoterms are a set of global, standardized regulations that define how a seller is to handle responsibilities when completing an international transaction with a buyer.

These regulations defines the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller in relation to shipments, goods,  customs clearance, as well as other logistics activities related to the transaction. As a result, it is good for you to pay close attention to the shipping requirements when shopping on a website that is an e-commerce site.

Depending on what point in the logistics chain the shipment is being used, who pays for shipping will be clearly outlined in these guideline.

Wordans commonly use three shipping incoterms: EXW, FOB & CIF. If you choose the EXW method, products are shipped from their manufacturing plant to the seaport by the supplier.

In this type of shipping, you will have to pay the shipping cost from the ware house to the seaport and from the seaport to your door step.

FOB: This is the most common type of shipping term. In this case, the supplier of the goods you are buying will take care of all the shipping costs from their factory or warehouse to the seaport. The only cost you’ll have to pay is for shipping from the seaport to your destination.

CIF is the most cost effective option for you as a buyer. Under this term, the seller pays all shipping cost until the package are delivered to their final destination port. You can find various suppliers on Wordans and they have different shipping terms with them.

In order to choose the best service for you, you should know about the different types of services and obtain complete information about them.

Unlike a seller that uses FOB shipping, you will probably be charged more if you agree to use EXW shipping.

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Long Shipping Distances

When determining what shipping rates and prices to use, the main thing to consider is how far away from a pick-up location for example that item needs to be delivered. The far and remote the delivery location, the more the shipping cost you will be subjected to.

Transports modes choses will also have different charges which you will need to consider in your next shopping fees. Wordans is Canada-based company, and has an extensive network of warehouse manufactures over there.

Traveling distance to Canada can be quite a long way, considering you want to ship goods to places like Africa, Australia, US etc. Due to the increased shipment distance, shipping will be more expensive when drop shipping in to such countries such as Canada.

If a product has to be shipped to North or South America  from Canada, one of the most efficient methods is to either ship it by air or over sea. Air transport fees are certainly the highest which would increase your shipping fee.

Alternatively, the sea transport is significantly slower for transportation. However, it is more efficient for transporting large cargo but not as cost effective for smaller goods

Factors that impact drop shipping rates at Wordans include the speed of delivery, third-party sellers, final destination of the package, advertising & shipping investments. All these factors combine to drive up shipping fees.

To understand more on Wordans shipping charges read more!

Wordans Marketing Strategy

One of Wordans marketing tactics is to offer their products at very low prices, but charge higher delivery fees to make up for the lost profits from these low prices. By offering some products at lower rates, Wordans is able to attract more customers who can make bulk purchases in the platform.

As a result, many people have suggested that Wordans higher shipping costs are a marketing strategy to trick customers into thinking they’re getting a great deal.

Improving Its Shipping Network

Wordans has perpetually looked for better ways to ship its products. With this, Wordans invests a lot of money in improving its shipping network constantly.

To improve its shipping network, Wordans invests more on its employees, warehouses technology, and other expenses to cut costs in future.

Prior to WordansOpens in a new tab. evolving its logistics in to a more better and efficient network, it has to spend the money necessary to facilitate that. This might be another reason behind their high shipping rates.

Shipment Speed

Wordans offers various options for its shipping speed. They offer standard shipping which arrives within 5-7 business days, expedited shipping which arrives within 1-3 days and same day delivery.

According to Wordans, if the address of your item is eligible for same-day delivery then that item can be delivered on the same day. So the more urgent you want your package delivered, the shipping will be more expensive.

Conclusion: Why is Wordans Shipping so Expensive

Things like shipping speed, the location of the address, and availability of third party sellers at Wordans impact on their shipping prices. Additionally, Wordans continuous investments have recently driven up the cost of shipping. For example, Wordans has been investing into advertising and improving their shipping network.

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