Yitong Platform Honest Review (2021)-how it works


Yitong Platform is a new high yield investment and financial management platform based on a Blockchain technology.  where you can mine and earn crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Lite Coin among others. In this Yitong review, we are going to give more explanations on questions such as

What is Yitong Platform?

Is Yitong platform Kenya legit?

How do I join to earn with Yitong?

How to mine in Yitong Platform?

Is Yitong an online job that pays through Mpesa?

 These and many others are sample questions that we will answer and elaborated further in this Yitong review. Stay tuned to each and every detail of this review to the end!


Please take note that I am not a member or a promoter of Yitong Platform. This review is basically inclined on research and information that are available in the public domain.

 Any conclusions and recommendations are just opinions and they may not be applicable to all individuals/ situations.

What is Yitong Platform

Yitong platform is a new investment and financial management site based on a Blockchain technology.

This platform has a brand new pedigree and a differentiated new financial management concept and model compared to other platform which had existed before such as PB Power.

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The benefits of this platform solely lie on interests generation for customers. Its block chain technology allow its members money to generate value even without engaging with platform through online mining operations.

How to Join Yitong Kenya

The registration process of Yitong Platform is somehow simplified.

The procedure of getting yourself registered with the platform entails entering your phone number, password and the referral code then get your code first.

You can copy this referral Code here ZPXjJ5

After inserting the received code in your phone, press register to complete the registration process and you get an invitation bonus of Kshs 50 instantly.

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How Yitong Kenya Works

Take note that the minimum withdrawable amount in Yitong is Kshs 100 as a result, you will need to top your account in addition to your welcome bonus of 50 Kshs for you to earn something appreciable.

Yitong offers three classified recharge levels where you will need to recharge a range of amount in any given recharge level so that you can earn with the set interest rates.

Also note that for each recharge level, there are set number of days in which your deposited amount will earn interests. Selecting the desired days within the available range affects the rate of interests that your principal amount will be subjected to.

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More details is unleashed in the discussion below.


This is the lowest recharge level offered by Yitong Platform. In V1 recharge level, you can deposit amounts in the range between Kshs 50 to Kshs 8000.

The rate of interests for your deposited sum is offered at a range between 1% to 2.5%. This will be determined by the Yitong systems therefore it may vary a lot.

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Maturation days for this recharge level ranges from 1 to 3 days. So you can choose to base your principal amount for a two days plan, 3 days investment plan in that order based on your preferences.

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This is the second recharge level available in Yitong platform. The recharge deposits at this level ranges between Kshs 8000 to Kshs 100000.  

The corresponding interests rates are in the range between 1% to 5% which will be determined by the Yitong system according to your deposited amount and the number of investment days selected.

The maturation days differs from that offered in V1  and for this case, the maturation days ranges between 1 to 12 days and you are free to select any.


This is the last recharge level offered by Yitong Platform Kenya. Here you are allowed to deposit amount between Kshs 100000 to Kshs 10000000. This is a big risks though and I don’t think anyone in their right mind can do this but right, I am not sure!

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The interests rates offered in recharge level 3 ranges between 1% to 7% and the number of investment days are between 1 to 30 days.

Yitong investment plants summary is as follows;

V1 Amount (Kshs) 50 to 8KDays   1 to 3Interest Rates   1% to 2.5%
V2 Amount (Kshs) 8K to 100KDays   1 to 12Interest Rates   1% to 5%
V3 Amount (Kshs) 100K to 10000KDays   1 to 30Interest Rates   1% to 7%

Yitong Referral Program

Yitong Kenya avails a referral program in which you earn by inviting nem members to join the platform. In your level one, you will earn Kshs 28 after inviting one member.

The good thing is that there is no activation fee required to activate your account. After your level one invite successfully register in the platform, you instantly get your referral commission of Kshs 28.

More juicy news is that the individual after registering their account is given an invite bonus of Kshs 50. This is however not withdrawable and you will require to deposit some money,  and trade so that you can reach the minimum withdrawable amount which is Kshs 100.

Is Yitong an online job that pays through Mpesa?

Yes you can deposit your money in your preferred recharge levels and earn interests which are withdrawable via Mpesa account. The only issue is that Yitong is unlike other HYIP as it offers low interest rates compared to its predecessors such as PB Power.

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How to mine in Yitong Platform

Yitong is different from other platforms such as PataQash, Pesawell, Ace Investment or Kram Investments as it offers a trading feature for its members.

 Upon signing in in to your Yitong account, the first thing that you will note on your landing page is trading indices.

You will notice Yitong quotes on opening coin trading prices, trading pairs  and the profit/loss performance for every trading pair crypto.

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To start mining, you will only need to deposit any amount in your desired recharge level, either V1, V2 or V3 and then select match day. For instance, in V1 you can select either 1 day or 2 days etc.

Following is selecting whether you want to do manual matching or automatic matching and off you get in your mining process. You will randomly get income that your order can get from 1% to 2.5% in your V1. The same case applies to V2 and V3 respectively based on prior described conditions.

Is Yitong platform Kenya legit?

There are several factors which makes us believe that Yitong Kenya is a scam. One is because the owner of the site is yet to be known. This is one of the strategy that great scammers have been using when they have conning intents.

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Secondly, Yitong platform is based in a country where scamming has been the norm of the day. There have been great scamming incidences in Kenya making us having doubts on the legitimacy of the site.

Thirdly, the platform follows the get paid to business model (GPT) which has been applied by other scam sites such as Vivacious Invest, Crowd 1 etc.

Fourth, Yitong Kenya is not regulated by any financial institution in Kenya like Capital Market Authority of Kenya allowing Kenyans to make high deposits of up to 10 million Kshs. This makes us believe it is a new scam as well. 

However, you will need to conduct more research before you sign up you details in the platform least you blame anyone in case of any unthinkable things happen. 

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